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Perks of Metal Badge Reels & Shielded Badge Holders

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re accustomed to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to your business. You think about everything, from big decisions like which business insurance to purchase, to the small details like letterhead and stationary.

But have you given thought to what your company badge reels should be?

Believe it or not, these small items can make daily life a lot easier on you and your employees. Not only are they absolutely necessary when you operate a company that requires employee ID, but the quality of your badge reels can make getting to the office easier and more convenient. And badge reels can surprise you in other ways, too.

There’s only one problem: you’re not sure exactly which badge reels to buy.

Don’t worry—you wouldn’t be the first person to agonize over what on the surface appears to be an easy decision. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to purchasing badge reels that meet you and your employees’ needs. Let’s organize it by your need:

If Budget Is Your Primary Factor…

…then you’ll obviously want to examine the most affordable badge reels. This usually means opting for a “no frills” sort of badge reel—a reel that holds up a badge and keeps it around your neck…but does little else. And that can be great in some circumstances. This economy badge reel, for example, handles the job with no muss and no fuss, providing a clear vinyl strap for durable usage and a simple belt clip that keeps the ID attached to the waistband. Although added features might be more convenient—say, a wire cord—there’s no reason that your company can’t get by using this simple model. The price of less than one dollar per badge reel is not prohibitive no matter what budget you’re working with.

If Convenience Is Your Primary Factor…

…you’ll want to use a badge reel with a wire cord. This chrome badge reel offers what you need in a protective chrome plating along with a 24” chain length. This makes it easy to access when you have to show your ID at the front desk in the morning, while the reel itself can easily remain secured to the waistband for easy use. And although not as inexpensive as the economy badge reel, the price is still not prohibitive—you can procure a pack of 25 for a small company for a modest price. With a rating of 10,000 pulls, this chrome badge reel should last you and your employees long enough to justify the purchase many times over.

If Security Is Your Primary Factor…

…then you’ll want to focus on the badge holder as well. It’s important to procure a badge holder/reel combination that can offer you security against identity theft, which is becoming more and more of an issue as companies rely on electronic tagging for their identification purposes. Anti-skimming and shielded card holders combined with a sturdy badge reel will do a good job of protecting you from this kind of electronic swiping while also ensuring that the badge reel itself holds itself to your waistband securely.



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