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Badgy Templates and ID Badge Systems

Want to create an ID badge system for your office or building? Then there’s good and there’s bad news: the good news is that there are plenty of affordable, sophisticated, and easy-to-use systems out there to choose from.

The bad news? You’ll have to pick one!

Don’t worry; 3IDCards has you covered. We’ll help you take a look at the different options available to you and highlight the features and functions of each. See which one would make an ideal fit for you, your building, and your company:

Badge Buddy Systems

Attractive, professional, and consistent, Badge Buddy systems are easy enough to use if you’re tackling your first ID badge system. All you have to do is print the insert and fit it with an appropriate laminate badge to get started. You can accomplish this with an easy Badge Buddy Printer Kit that features Horizontal Slot Inserts and laminating pouches.

Some of the advantages of Badge Buddy include:

  • Affordability: at less than $600, you can have a long-term solution to ID Badge challenges.
  • Easy re-filling, thanks to Badge Buddy Refill Kits that make the process a cinch.

Datacard Systems

The Datacard Easy ID Card System is as simple as anything you’ll find—and as comprehensive, too. The small ID card system is one of our top recommendations for anyone looking to create an ID card system that is reliable, easy to use, and comprehensive enough to respond to all of your needs.

  • It has it all: the Datacard 1-2-3 Easy ID Card System features everything from a Web Camera to a cleaning kit to ensure it works in the long-term.
  • Software that guides you through the process is great for anyone new to the world of ID badge printing.

Fargo Systems

With a three-year warranty, you can make an investment in the Fargo Single Sided DTC 1250e to ensure year after year of quality badge printing:

  • 300 UltraCard PVC cards get you started with the right supplies.
  • A pack of three cleaning rollers helps ensure quality printing, time and time again.

Magicard Systems

Straightforward, easy to use, and with a 2-year warranty, you can’t go wrong with the purchase of a Magicard Proto Photo ID system. It offers direct-to-card printing that will ensure that you can introduce a new employee to your infrastructure with ease.

  • Durability is an issue for companies with a lot of ID cards to print out—here, you won’t have to worry, not with that 2-year warranty backing the product.
  • Single-sided printing makes for quick and easy ID card creation—no muss, no fuss.

Evolis Systems

Small, affordable, and with plenty of options like a Cleaning Kit and color ribbon, you can get started with printing your own ID cards easily with an Evolis Badgy Photo ID system.

  • Free online access to Badgy templates gives you some flexibility in design
  • The cleaning kit and sharp printer allow for beautiful, true-to-life ID cards

Zebra Systems

The Zebra QuikCard Professional Photo ID Kit is less a printing kit and more a mobile photography studio.

  • Featuring a portable backdrop stand, you can take consistent imaging of every new employee.
  • The Starter Kit includes 500 composite cards and 100 PVC adhesive-back cards.



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