The Best ID Badge Holders for Your Business

We live in a world that expects features. We download apps, software updates, purchase downloadable content, and exhaustively scan product descriptions in the search for tangible benefits and advantages. Everything—from your smart phone down to your smart wool—needs to have some sort of in-built functionality if you’re going to get maximum value from it.

Why should your badge holders be any different?

We at recognize the importance of good quality in an affordable, flexible badge holder like the ones we offer here. But there are even more features you can pack into the badge holders you use on a daily basis that will enhance ID security, convenience of use, and much, much more.

Earth-Friendliness: A Feature for the Environmentally-Conscious

Sick of seeing environmentally-dangerous plastics in every area of your life? Utilizing PureClear™ technology, our earth-friendly holders come with no-guilt-attached. We recommend them as the go-to alternative for PVC badges.

We carry these holders in a number of sizes and shapes so that you can pick the one that best fits your previously-existing IDs. You can also choose between horizontal and vertical styles, which helps ensure that there’s a bit of earth-friendliness available to anyone, regardless of the style of their current ID badges. The consistent material thickness (or thinness, depending on your perspective) ensures there’s no reason to sacrifice comfort when you use any of these environmentally-friendly badge holders.

Security and Anti-Skimming

If you followed our most recent blog post, you know that electronic skimming via RFID (radio-frequency identification) is not only possible, but it’s become a real problem. Many news reporters have been able to demonstrate that skimming allows people to utilize your ID cards to gain serious access and open doors they shouldn’t be opening.

Our anti-skimming, shielded card and badge holders take aim at this threat to security by offering an additional layer of protection. Utilizing a higher-strength Tyvek material as the guard, these badge holders will give you an additional shield against RFID hacking.

Reseal for Multiple Uses

If you ask us, versatility is an underrated feature in badge holders. Too many companies are stuck buying different versions of the same thing when they could simplify the process with one of our resealable holders. These holders are particularly great for event-type businesses and conferences in which ID cards need protection but also need to be quickly replaced and switched out.

The Cell Phone “Wallet”

You probably haven’t seen a badge holder like this before. The silicone cell phone wallet fits many modern phones including the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, allowing you to store up to three thick cards right on the back of your cell phone. This is perfect not only for holding your ID, but also doubling as a simple method of carrying other personal items like credit and membership cards.

There’s much more a proper badge holder can do when you take the time to explore your options. To find even more ways you can add value to your badge and ID systems, email us at