Our Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs ID Badges

Companies of all sizes across the United States rely on the security and peace of mind provided by ID badges. Whether you’re needing to restrict unauthorized access to your building or you simply want to make it easier for employees to get to know one another, ID cards are a must!

If you look for ID badges online, you’ll likely find dozens of results offering customized products that can take your business to the next level. Many companies rely on their own in-house ID card printers for a truly personalized outcome that matches their business’ image while also saving money.

If you’re on the fence about investing in ID badges, let the team at 3iD Cards help! Our experts leverage more than 25 years of experience in the industry to provide an ideal outcome that perfectly fits your company’s unique needs. Today, we’ll discuss our top six reasons why your business needs ID badges, as well as the value of investing in your own in-house printer.

Improved Aesthetics

Simply put, professional-looking ID badges can help to make your business look good. Companies of all sizes can design their own ID cards to show the company name, employee name and position, relevant qualifications, and more. The added level of professionalism can do much to garner trust and confidence in your products or services, as clients will be more opt to invest in a company that takes care of its own. It can be hard to argue with the value of curb appeal, and when it comes to companies, high-quality ID badges can do much to improve the aesthetics.

Quality Branding

Many companies achieve success through quality branding efforts. Whether your ID badges are just for information or are designed for a host of needs, it can help to keep in mind that your company name and logo will be present at all times. Our ID cards can be customized with the best software and support services to help build the quality of your brand. We can come up with the right colors and designs to ensure your brand is recognized anywhere your employees go!

Employee Tracking

For many employers, it is important to keep track of where their employees are and for how long. ID badges can be utilized in coordination with your entry system to show when workers showed up and left, where they worked for the day, and when they were at their workstation. This level of transparency can hold everyone to the same standard for efficiency. Scannable or swipeable ID badges can also cut down on employees showing up late or leaving early.

3iD Cards is here to provide solutions for a wide range of industry needs, and can help you to tailor a program to entice your employees to work harder and be more prompt. Contact us to learn more about our ID cards and scanners, and be sure to ask us for help in finding the right fit for your business!


Company Connections

One way to boost morale at your company is to invest in quality ID badges to provide a clear identity. Working in close proximity to others can be a stressful experience, especially if everyone forgets names and job specialties. A clearly defined ID card can help to improve your team’s confidence in their abilities, proudly displaying job titles and all relevant information.

ID badges are also helpful in boosting morale through creating a standardized dress code. While most employees will not be fans of normal dress codes, you can utilize an ID card to create a team mentality for success. Many workers will feel more connected when wearing these badges, as they clearly indicate identifying information. No more forgotten names, no more confusion in meetings. A new identification system can help to make your employees happier, which often leads to better workplace efficiency!

Customer Ease

Many companies rely on contractors and couriers to accomplish their tasks, making it beneficial for them to rely on clear, concise ID badges to improve customer relations. A clear ID card will show customers that yes, that individual does work here. ID badges provide comfort and familiarity for customers, so be sure to design your cards with the right signage and branding to make it clear who can help.

Security Measures

One of the most obvious reasons to invest in personalized ID badges is to improve the security of your premises. Employee ID cards provide a quick form of identification, allowing you to identify any individual working in your building. 3iD Cards offers a range of proximity cards, key fobs, and more to allow for convenient access to restricted areas. This benefit alone makes our custom ID badges and printers worth the cost!

Worried about the security of your business? Reach out to us today, and our team will help you find the most effective and affordable solutions!

Print Your Own ID Badges

One of the most versatile and cost-effective options available is to invest in your own ID card printer. Give your team full power over the design and capabilities of all of your employee badges, featuring your logo, color scheme, and more. Many companies opt out of in-house ID printing because they fear the upfront costs, but in reality, having your own ID card printer and supplies can provide considerable benefits. Plus, all of our printers are backed by a 3iD Cards lifetime support plan!

Ready to learn more? Browse our store for thest ID badges, printers, and accessories, and feel free to contact us for complete assistance!