The Top Things to Consider When Investing in In-House ID Badge Printing

Today, companies have the power to create their own ID badges utilizing user-friendly software to create a professional outcome without the high costs or stress involved with traditional badge printing. If you’re ready to invest in in-house ID badge printing for your company, it’s important to fully consider your professional needs before making a decision. Investing in the wrong badge printer can prove to be a problem for your employees and your bottom line. If you’re on this page because you’re in need of assistance, 3iD Cards is here to help!

For years, our company has specialized in providing the ID badge supplies and printers needed to empower companies to create personalized identification cards for a variety of uses. Today, we’ll discuss a few of the top things to consider when purchasing your in-house ID creation station. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to browse our online shop, or contact us online for professional assistance!

Buying the Right Printer for the Job

Investing in an ID printer can do much to increase the quality of your ID cards in an affordable, streamlined manner. Many companies integrate their ID services in order to provide personalized results to employees in need. One common mistake businesses make is downplaying the importance of their ID badges, investing in a cheaper product that may cause future problems.

If you bought a basic ID card printer and plan on using it extensively, then be prepared for problems. Overworking ID printers can impact the quality and consistency of each print, as well as result in premature breakdown. 3iD Cards offers complete support to ensure you are optimally and affordably outfitted for all of your company’s needs.

One- or Two-Sided ID Printers?

Many companies opt for ID card printers that are affordable and simple. If you’ve decided that a single-sided printer is the right choice for you, then be sure you are ok with the extra steps and risks associated with manually switching the badge over. Businesses that choose to print double-sided ID cards on a single-sided badge printer risk contaminating the working surface with dirt, debris, grime, fingerprints, and more. Any slight marks can impact the finish of your ID badge, which is the least of your concerns. It’s essential to avoid damaging the printhead, as this component can be very costly to replace!

3iD Cards can help you find the right fit for your company, including our one- and two-sided badge printers. Check out our inventory, and be sure to contact us online for complete support!

Quality Upgrades

The quality of your ID badges and their accessories will do much to determine the longevity and cost-efficiency of your investment. Employers can choose to invest in high-quality PVC cards, proximity cards, and more to ensure that their materials last the longest time before replacements are necessary. Laminating your ID cards, for example, can help to preserve the finish and retain a quality shine.

Future Growth

While a Fargo C50 printer provides beautiful results for your small business, keep in mind that future growth will likely result in a greater demand for personalized ID badges. It can help to invest more up front to recoup your costs later on, and the 3iD team is here to help! We can provide you with one of dozens of badge printers to deliver the best balance of scalability and affordability. Your team can print dozens or hundreds of ID cards now, and plan on scaling their services as needed to account for their company growth. This step ensures you are providing quality ID badges year after year!

Security Demands

The level of security required at your facility will play a large role in the type of ID badges you purchase. Military facilities, hospitals, and other secured facilities rely on complex ID cards to stop unauthorized entry. Grocery stores with membership cards, on the other hand, will likely not need any security features. It is vital to find the right fit for your business, as you don’t want to pay too much for your ID badges, but you certainly don’t want to risk the security of your employees or materials!


Quality Imaging

If it’s been awhile since your employees have had their photos taken, it is wholly beneficial to ensure you have the right camera for the job. Many employers have opted for high-quality ID badges, only to find that the quality of their photographs are lacking. It’s important to secure a reliable camera to deliver crisp results for all of your employees. Our team offers industry-leading cameras, backdrops, and tripods to ensure your photos are as professional as possible!

ID Badge Company Support

Creating personalized ID badges can prove difficult for most companies, especially enterprises with lots of employees. Any unexpected problems can result in security concerns, compromised services, and costly repairs. Before you buy a badge printer, it’s essential to ensure your chosen company provides the right level of support.

3iD Cards is proud to provide the industry’s best support services, backing our high-quality ID badging products with unbeatable coverage. We offer lifetime coverage on all badge printers sold through our online store, and will be happy to help you achieve a quality outcome for your business’ needs. From elementary schools to corporate offices, police stations, and more, we’re ready to provide the low-cost proximity, access, and ID cards needed for a safe experience.

Contact us today to learn more about our badge printers and accessories, and be sure to browse our store to find the equipment your company needs to thrive!