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Protect and Inform with CardBook® Cardholders

As a college graduate and a small business owner, I have found that company functions and school orientations are similar experiences.  You know there is going to be a lot of important information shared, usually in a very exciting manner. But what about after you leave? Does all that information get lost in the conga line?

A creative and inexpensive way to disseminate critical and valuable information in a more permanent manner is to create and distribute your own custom CardBook® Cardholder.  This popular informative booklet is made in a similar manner to a passport, but in a wallet sized format.  It is a creative tool used to disseminate crucial information to your staff or student body.  Having critical information available at your fingertips is a valuable benefit to both students and employees in a time of need.

The CardBook itself is thread sewn with no staples and completely biodegradable. CardBook® Cardholders have a pocket inside the front or back cover to hold a card. This pocket protects any information encoded on a magnetic stripe or microchip. They measure 2.5” x 3.5” closed and can be customized with as many pages as required to meet your organization’s needs. You can add a foldout map, an additional pocket, or even include perforate pages for coupons. The possibilities are endless!

College and University One-Card Programs

CardBook® Cardholders are ideal for College and University One-Card Programs. Small and compact, they easily fit in a wallet. Customize the cover with your school colors or add clear polyester pocket on the front cover to allow a student’s picture to show through. A College One-Card CardBook® provides students with not only a convenient, safe place to hold and protect their One-Card, but beneficial campus information as well. Include a directory of campus resource phone numbers, campus services and locations. For new students, maps are especially helpful. You can include a foldout map with up to two additional panels.

Is your One-Card honored by local merchants?  The CardBook® Cardholder also provides a school with a medium for advertisements to help pay for their card program. Include perforated pages for coupons or include Quick Response codes to alert students of promotions at local merchants.


Instructional guide for Smart Cards

A Smart Card CardBook® is a smart way to educate cardholders on the capabilities of their smart card credential. Smart cards contain multiple applications and usages. Your cardholders will benefit from a user friendly instructional guide of what your card does, how it does it and where.

Smart Card CardBook

Employee Benefit Guide

Customize a Benefits CardBook® Cardholder to guide employees through their entire benefits package in an easy to use guide. A benefits guide can provide employees with a comprehensive review of what their employee benefits are and how to use them. Is your company a multi-site organization?  Take the hassle out of getting the right information to an employee when they need it the most. Include all pertinent phone numbers to facilitate a timely response to the concerns of distressed employees.

Benefits CardBook


Heath Care Passport

Health Care CardBook® Cardholders can hold and protect membership cards. Customize it to include a directory of benefits and instructions for filing claims. Include an area where a cardholder can record their medical history, immunizations, prescriptions, allergies, drug sensitivities and emergency contacts. Health Care CardBook® Cardholders can also be a handy tool for weight management. Cardholders can track their food intake and physical activity.

HealthCare CardBook Cardholder

Visit our website to view more CardBook® Cardholders applications. 3iD’s identification experts are available to provide CardBook® Cardholder samples, quotations or answer any questions you may have. Email or call us at 1-800-316-7304 x 2.

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