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Datacard SD460 takes card security to the next level

The Datacard SD460 takes card security to the next level with their industry first, groundbreaking, patent-pending tactile impression feature.

When it comes to identification cards, card durability and identity card fraud are major concerns. During the ID card printing process, it is important to include security characteristics within the card to avoid counterfeiting. Maybe you use laminates or holographic overlays during the print process and would like to add an extra layer of protection. Datacard Group has recently launched a new, all-in-one ID card printer, encoder and laminator, the Datacard SD460.

Datacard SD460 ID Card Printer

Datacard SD460 ID Card Printer


What is a tactile impression?

Datacard’s tactile feature impresses an image into the card substrate and overlay during the personalization process. This feature creates an extra level of security that you can see, feel and makes alteration attempts clearly visible.

SD460 Personalized ID Card Close Up


You can choose from a set of five standard tactile image designs or create a custom tactile image to further elevate security and enhance your brand.


DuraGard® Laminates and DuraShield™ Overlays

Datacard DuraGard® laminates and DuraShield™ overlays extend the life of a card by protecting the card against abrasion, chemicals and wear and tear. The new Datacard DuraShield™ clear and holographic overlays are practically impossible to remove intact and provide edge-to-edge coverage. The SD460 system overlays have a unique color-coded laminate core that allows for easy loading and prevents materials from being loaded improperly. Optional dual-sided lamination permits two different overlays to be used for front and rear of lamination in one single pass. You can choose from Datacards generic holographic overlays, or create a custom hologram to increase your cards security.

Patent-Pending Card Debow Feature

Cards bowing due to lamination can be problematic. The Datacard SD460 features an industry first, inline card debower that flattens cards after lamination. This helps make better looking cards while meeting ISO industry standards.

SD460 Illustrated Debower Feature

SD460 Illustrated Debower Feature

Print, Lamination and Tactile Impression Speed

Worried about print speed? The SD460 has a faster system throughput.

  • 200 cards/hour front side YMCK ribbon with front side lamination
  • 175 cards/hour – front and back side YMCK-K ribbon, back side K with front side lamination
  • 185 cards/hour – (one side print and lamination with tactile) YMCK
  • 150 cards/hour – (two side printing and one side lamination with tactile) YMCK-K

If you are looking to increase security and durability in your ID card issuance program, the Datacard SD460 is the printer for you.

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