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Keep Your Company’s Data Safe With the SMART-BIT Printer Ribbon Shredder

These days, it can prove challenging trying to keep your personal information safe. From online credit monitoring to chip-set debit and credit cards, individuals and business entities have many tools at their disposal. However, when it comes to your old printer ribbons, you may elect to simply throw them in the trash. This common practice may leave your company at risk for fraud or a breach of data. Did you know that these ribbons contain an imprint of all of the information printed on your ID cards?

3iD Cards is here to provide safe, effective, and affordable solutions for businesses across all industries. No matter your needs, our company specializes in ID badges, printers, and accessories. Browse our online inventory to find the best brands backed by our top-notch customer support, and be sure to contact us if you need assistance finding the right products!

One addition to the office that can add considerable value is the IDP SMART-BIT shredder. Learn more about the value of this printer-ribbon shredder below before shopping online!

Added Security

Many people throw their used printer ribbons away without much concern. These ribbons contain imprints of all of the data that was printed upon your ID cards, creating security concerns when it comes to your employee information and access data. You wouldn’t throw your confidential data in the trash, so why risk it with your old printer ribbons?

The SMART-BIT printer ribbon shredder is designed to offer complete peace of mind and convenience for your office applications. Businesses can invest in this added level of security to keep employees’ and members’ data secure.

Product Versatility

It is important to find the right products to match your ID card printer and its accessories. When it comes to shredding your used printer ribbons, the SMART-BIT is designed to accommodate the industry’s top brands, including ID badge printers from makers such as Zebra® and Magicard®. This shredder can accept printer ribbons between 60mm and 90mm in width, which includes dye-sub ribbons, wax ribbons, resin ribbons, and HDP film. Whether your business relies on a direct-to-card ribbon for ID card printing or reverse-transfer ribbons, you can achieve complete peace of mind with this printer ribbon shredder.

Comprehensive Shredding

If you’re going through the effort of shredding your ID card printer ribbons, you want to ensure that things are done right. The SMART-BIT features IDP’s Twisted Micro-Cut Technology, relying on a unique combination of twists and cut motions to cut your printer ribbons into tiny pieces. Businesses nationwide have benefitted from the security of the SMART-BIT, as it cuts used printer ribbons and twists the pieces for an added level of security, creating particles around 2.5mm in size.

Clean Results

Your SMART-BIT printer ribbon shredder will have enough space for up to six ribbons, providing serious convenience in addition to the security afforded by shredding data-rich materials. Your machine also comes with a built-in waste bag, which collects all of the particles from your shredded printer ribbons. Simply empty the bag, and you’re ready to go again!


Compact Design

Many offices do not have the luxury of empty space, which makes placing a new ID card printer or ribbon shredder in your office difficult. The SMART-BIT features a sleek, compact design which allows it to easily fit any office dynamic.

Complete Customer Support

If your business could benefit from a printer ribbon shredder, then it pays to find the right product from the right carrier. 3iD Cards is here to serve as your best source for ID cards, badge printers, and all of the accessories needed to identify your personnel in a safe and sustainable manner. We carry the biggest brands and offer volume discounts on all of our ID supplies. Regardless of your location, our ID card professionals can ship all of your needed printer supplies directly to you. Shopping with 3iD Cards means you’ll get comprehensive industry expertise from trained professionals to ensure your business receives the best products.

Ready to get started? Browse our online inventory for the ID card printers, key fobs, badge systems, design software and badge accessories you need, and be sure to spend more than $99 to qualify for free US ground shipping!

Have questions? Contact us online for assistance. We look forward to working with you!

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