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Create Your Ideal ID Badge With 3iD Cards! Part 1

Whether you need professional proximity ID badges for your office or campus, or you are in need of passes for your next big event, it’s important to find the right products for the job. 3iD badges is here to provide a complete lineup of ID cards, visitor badges, and accompanying accessories to help you organize and secure your facility. All of our products are backed by industry-leading knowledge and caring customer support, ensuring you’re getting the best deal each time you shop with 3iD Cards!

If you’re not sure where to begin, our online store is a wonderful resource for information and assistance. Today, we’ll begin to discuss the value of working with the 3iD team, as we are proud to provide the best customer assistance accompanied by our unbeatable inventory. Learn more about a few of the many products offered by our online ID store, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or need help!

ID Cards


3iD Cards is here to provide a full range of ID badges crafted expertly to best align with your company’s needs. Our team can help you find the right cards for the job, stocking our inventory with a range of high-quality products to increase your facility’s security in an affordably streamlined manner.

With so many ID badges available online today, it can prove difficult trying to find the right products for your business.

  • PVC Cards — All of our PVC and plastic cards can be designed to deliver a full range of services for your business. All of our badges are designed for the best durability, even during the highest usage. Choose from adhesive-backed cards, composites, colored PVC, hologram cards, and more!
  • Proximity Cards — Prox cards utilize 125 kHz radio frequencies to allow for remote entry. Choose from our collection of Identiv and HID cards to create a secure system relied on encoded numbers to grant access to approved carriers.
  • Smart Cards — 3iD stocks an assortment of smart cards that deliver enhanced security, data confidentiality, and stronger authentication measures. Many companies invest in the value of these ID badges for convenience and versatility.
  • Key Tags and Fobs — Securing your entry points can be simple and affordable with 3iD’s lineup of key tags and fobs. Choose from a variety of rugged, convenient fobs to improve security while maintaining conveniences.
  • Wearable Wristbands — We can help you find the right Identiv proximity wristband for your needs. These wearable proximity cards are sporty, comfortable, and waterproof. Easily integrate this durable option with your existing system for quality results!

Visitor Badges


It is vital to allow visitors on your premises, but how can you ensure the safety of your employees and guests? 3iD cards provides a full range of visitor badges to help you find the right fit for your needs, including:

  • Expiring badges — Dealing with high volumes of visitors and need a way to keep track of everyone? Self-expiring badges rely on thermal technology to provide clear indications when the card is expired.
  • Non-expiring badges — Access can be granted to guests in a number of ways, including adhesive paper badges, clip-on plastic cards, parking permits, wristbands, and more.
  • Label makers — One simple and effective way to generate visitor passes for your guests is to invest in a Dymo labelwriter, printing the ID badges off as needed. This method allows you to reduce the hassle of badge management and save time in the process!


Badge Accessories


Beyond the beauty and functionality of your ID badges, your company will also be tasked with providing a full range of accessories to create the best results. ID badge holders, for example, deliver ideal protection in the form of a simple sleeve, providing a clear view for all to see. From customized lanyards to badge reels, wristbands, clips, and even cell phone sleeves, you’re sure to find a full range of ID badge accessories to create a personalized finish.

Badge Systems


You can invest in a quality badge system to cover all of your card printing needs in one easy step. These systems come complete with an ID card printer, high-quality cameras, color ribbons, software, add-ons, and cables needed to get started right away. Find the right badge system for your business, and be sure to reach out to our team for complete assistance. We can help you acquire the right rollers and ID cards to get printing today!

There are many accessories and add-ons available to best meet your facility’s unique needs. Next time, we’ll continue this post by highlighting our collection of ID card printers, readers and scanners, and replacement supplies. We have partnered with trusted brands including HID/Fargo, Identiv, Zebra, and more. If you’re ready to find the best way to create unique ID badges, be sure to browse our online store, and feel free to contact us for complete assistance!