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Are you safe from electronic pickpocketing?

Are you safe from electronic pickpocketing?

While most people don’t give it a second thought, we carry around a card that contains an RFID chip. It could be an ATM bank card, access key card or maybe even a student ID card. Many of us believe that by physically keeping our cards on our person that they are safe, but are they? Are you safe from electronic pickpocketing?

What is RFID?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. RFID technology stores data inside a “smart chip” within the plastic of a card. The chip uses electromagnetic waves to transmit the data to a card reader. RFID technology is contactless and depending on the card reader, only requires a few inches to transfer the cards information.

Credit card with RFID technoloy

Recently there was an episode of Inside Edition in which Walt Augustinowicz, founder of Identity Stronghold demonstrated how easy it is to clone a student proximity card and gain access to buildings and dormitories using the cloned credential.

Considering that card readers and card writers are not cost prohibitive, it doesn’t take much for thieves to utilize them to bump and clone a card. You could have possession of your card and not know that the card information has been stolen. That’s a scary thought!

What you can do to protect your card

Shielded Badge Holder

3iD has got you covered! You can get peace of mind with a relatively small investment. 3iD offers a variety of shielded card sleeves, and anti-skimming badge holders that provide RFID blocking protection against electronic pickpocketing. You can also customize these products with your unique logo. Now through September 30, 2014, 3iD will pay your custom artwork setup fee! That is a $75.00 savings! For more information or questions contact info@3idcards.com.