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4 Badge Reels that Make Business Better

When most people look at an ID badge, they see a picture and some string holding it up.

But as a business owner, you’re never one to take things at surface value. And you’re certainly not one to ignore opportunities to make life easier on your employees—even if those opportunities mean taking advantage of the smallest detail.

True, badge reels are a small detail in your ID badge universe. But we’re guessing you didn’t know that these little devices are capable of a multitude of functions and designs. And once you know those functions, it may be difficult to purchase an ordinary badge reel again. So let’s introduce you to four different badge reel types you may not have even know existed:

Carabiner Badge Reels

Featuring retractable cords, Carabiner badge reels are not only convenient when you need to lift your badge, they’re a necessity. If your office security requires lifting up an ID badge to show a picture, or if you frequently attend conferences that require you to give someone a close up of your ID badge, the Carabiner badge reel is a must-own.

These particular badge reels also double as effective key holders, making them effective outside of the badge world as well. They’re perfect for custodial and security work, securely keeping keys attached to your waistband while offering the flexibility of holding the keys out to wrist length without detaching them. This keeps badges, keys, and the like all firmly attached and difficult to lose.

Heavy Duty Badge Reels

Speaking of security, there may be no better option for badge security than a heavy duty badge reels. These come in a number of materials, including plastics and metals, but one thing they all have in common is that they do a heck of a job in keeping your ID, keys, and other attachable objects firmly on your person. Because they do such a spectacular job at securing these objects to your waistband, we also offer specifically-made key reels that are designed for security or custodial work.

Specialty Badge Reels

It’s not all about function. Sometimes, badge reels are a perfect choice because of their design and the statement they make. That’s certainly the case with our specialty badge reels, including heart-shaped badge reels that are perfect for any business with a social bent to it, including matchmaking, speed-dating, and more. They’re also great for when a certain holiday rolls around.

Standard, Premium, and More

As you can see, there’s plenty more to the story of badge reels than first meets the eye. For the business owner who’s focused solely on the bottom line, we offer affordable economy badge reels. For the company that doesn’t want to mess around and simply wants a lot of badge reels at once, we offer our Tub-O-Reels. It doesn’t matter what kind of business owner you are—just know that there is likely a badge reel in our inventory that perfectly matches its function and design to your requirements as a business. It’s one small detail that can mean big savings—and big functionality as well.


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