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Single-Sided Versus Dual-Sized ID Card Printers — Which Do I Need? Part 1

Purchasing an ID printer for your business is no small venture. These devices are sturdy, reliable, and designed to last for more than a decade when properly cared for. It’s important to purchase your ID card printer from the right vendor, and it’s also important to find the right make and model for your unique business. 3iD Cards is here to help you find the best fit, relying on our vast inventory of products and industry experience to get the job done in the most effective and affordable manner possible.

When it comes to finding the right ID card printer for your professional needs, you don’t want to invest in an overpowered machine your company doesn’t require, and you definitely do not want to be left with a printer that slows down your business. Keep reading to learn more on the benefits and drawbacks of single-side and double-side badge printers, and be sure to browse our inventory of ID printers to find the best fit for your business!

Addressing Your Needs

It’s important to find the printer style that addresses your company needs. Will you require fast printing speeds to move lines along at your venue? How many ID cards do you plan on printing on a regular basis? Will these ID badges be exposed to sunshine? Will you need to customize the information on the back of the card in addition to the front?

In order to better narrow down the field of potential ID printers, you will need to answer these questions. It can be hard to choose between a single- and dual-sided printer — is the convenience of printing on two sides worth the cost? Keep reading for a few of our top factors.

Print Speed

The speed at which you will need your ID cards to be printed will depend largely on your line of work. Corporations that on-board only a few employees at a time can succeed with a single-sided printer and a capable HR manager. Amusement parks, resorts, and other locations may require fast printing abilities to provide high-quality ID cards at high speeds. If a business is printing ID badges for its patrons to participate in laser tag, a long wait in line will inevitably result in decreased customer satisfaction. Nobody likes to wait in line, and you don’t want to keep your happy customers waiting!

If speed and accuracy are necessary for your operations, it may be worthwhile to invest in a dual-sided ID printer. Over time, the amount of time saved and errors reduced may save your business big!

ID Card Volume

Regardless of the speed or skill of the individual handling your ID card tasks, it pays to consider the total number of badges you’ll printing on a regular basis.

The decision on which type of ID card printer to purchase may depend on the availability of your card-printing employee. Do they have a lot of bandwidth to take on dozens of individual prints a day? Will they be required to spend a lot of time personalizing the ID card, or will the input process be relatively simple?

Less intensive demands provide the perfect opportunity for professionals to rely on a single-side ID printer, where they can take the time to flip the card over. However, companies relying on hundreds or even thousands of prints per year can ultimately save a lot of time and effort by purchasing a dual-sided printer.

Need Assistance?

Next time, we’ll conclude this discussion by highlighting budgetary constraints, lamination needs, and customization demands. If you’re in need of a quality ID card printer to benefit your business for years to come, be sure to browse the collection of printers available through 3iD.

Our online store provides a full range of products from trusted manufacturers. Find what you need online, or contact us today for complete assistance!

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