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Function First: Efficient Badge Holders

Many of us don’t give a lot of thought to our badges—and certainly less thought to the badge holders that secure them neatly in place. But before you purchase your company’s first ID badge holders, take a few minutes to consider how you can stretch your dollar and get the most possible value out of your next badge holder purchase.

How can you get the maximum value from a badge holder purchase? Let’s take a look at a few different types of badge holders to see what might be best for your company.

Resealable Holders

This might be the most functional badge holder there is. A resealable badge holder not only maintains the overall attractiveness of a standard badge holder, but it provides a lot of flexibility for your investment. If there is a lot of variability at your company as to who needs to wear badges on different days, you can simply switch resealable badge holders rather than continue to purchase more and more fixed badge holders. This saves time and offers a heck of a lot of convenience.

Color Frame Badge Holders

Sometimes, the security personnel in your building or company need to be able to make a quick read when glancing at someone’s badge. A color frame badge holder makes this possible by advertising the type of personnel entering the building with a bold color—blue, green, orange, red, yellow, etc. This makes the type of badge ID more obvious and easier to read, ensuring that the proper personnel have the right access to the appropriate levels within your company.

Earth-Friendly Holders

Sometimes, you couldn’t care less about the added function of a badge holder—you just want to know that it holds badges by using environmental-friendly alternatives to PVC. Our Earth friendly holders accomplish exactly that with the same style and functionality you can find in our other badge holders. What’s more, these products are not expensive—in fact, they’re more affordable than some of our other options, allowing you to “go green” while saving a lot of your own green in the process.

Magnetic Badge Holders

It helps to keep your badge holders in safe and obvious places—and magnetic badge holders can be the most difficult to lose. But there are other advantages to using magnetic badge holders as well that give them a leg up on the traditional plastic badge holders, including holding on to your own magnetic business cards and promotional items when you’re attending business conferences and networking events.

Anti-Skimming and Shielded Card Holders

Of course, there’s also security to think about. With our shielded card holders, you can help protect yourself from identity theft, which allows you to keep credit and debit cards from being skimmed. These are great for added security even if you don’t need to carry a business ID with you; they make great guards for credit and debit cards and other everyday items you want to keep protected.