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Affordable Visitor ID Cards: TEMPBadge Solutions

Your company’s security should be a top priority no matter what business you’re in. Keeping your employees and information safe from intruders is not only a major piece of security, it’s an essential need in your security strategy. And to ensure that security, you give all of your employees the proper ID cards and secure ID card cases.

But your full-time employees aren’t the only people who show up to your business. Family members, friends, clients, potential clients, interviewees, tech support people, temporary workers—the list of people who need to access your company on a less-than-permanent basis goes on and on.

If you want to keep up your same security standards but don’t want to spend full price on permanent ID cards and card holders, what do you do?

Simple: temporary badges.

Here’s how they work.

TEMPBadge® Solutions for Temporary IDs

You can hold your company to the same IDs-required standards you’ve always held at your office and grant temporary workers and one-time visitors the access they need—and you can do it without breaking the bank. Just head over to the Thermal-printable Non-expiring Printable Clip-on Cardbage page to buy a pack of temporary ID solutions in a pack of not 10, not 100, but 1,000.

There are a number of advantages for using this kind of temporary ID:

  • The printable feature ensures that the visitor’s information can be displayed on the ID card with maximum efficiency and convenience, while also listing their check-in time and date.
  • The handy packs of 1,000 allow you to buy in bulk so you’re not frequently ordering more—and the price is still under $100.
  • They’re easy for your visitors to clip on, ensuring that they’re not inconvenienced while they wait for their interview or to interview your company.

But the advantages don’t end there, because there are other options you can use to solve your visitor ID challenges.

Making Your Visitor IDs Work for Your Company

Sticklers for proper identification know that there’s more than one option available, even when it comes to convenient and printable visitor ID cards. In order to enhance your ID system, we have a few tips for making the distinction between visitor and employee even more obvious:

  • Color coordination: Want to know that someone’s just visiting simply by glancing at their ID badge? Then make sure that your visitor cards are in an obvious (but not distasteful) color like pink or yellow.
  • Get specific: Sometimes, it’s helpful to distinguish by visitor type. For example, an “Attendee” badge can be helpful at business conferences. Other card types, like “Member,” serve a similarly convenient function.

Whether you’re a business leader, an event coordinator, or somewhere in between, you know the value of a visually-striking temporary ID badge. These badges not only make it easy to identify individuals or entire groups of people, but help provide a security structure for the professional environment. But the real benefit? Being able to secure thousands of your own for affordable prices.