Create Your Ideal ID Badge With 3iD Cards! Part 2

Businesses across the United States rely on ID cards to provide safety and convenience while improving company morale and building employees’ confidence. It’s essential to find a system that conforms to your company’s needs, delivering the right level of security in a scalable, affordable manner. If you’re looking for ID badges, ID card printers, accessories, or anything else related to remote access, 3iD Cards is here to help! Our company provides a full range of ID cards and support components to create an ideal result for your company. Whether you need proximity badges for area access, student ID cards for clear identification, or even event passes and flyers, our pros are here to help!

If you’ve searched for ID badges and printers online, you’ve likely encountered a range of products. Today, we’ll continue to highlight a few of the top products we offer, as well as the value of our customer support. Have questions? Contact us now to get started!

ID Card Printers

You can find a full range of high-quality badge printers through our online store. 3iD is an authorized reseller of brands including Zebra, Evolis, Magicard, Fargo, Datacard, and more. Our team can help you find the next upgrade for your business, ranging from entry-level printers (printing 100 to 1,000 cards annually) to high volume options (more than 10,000 cards printed per year). Every ID card printer you purchase comes with the manufacturer’s warranty plus the 3iD Care Package, providing you with complete technical support to ensure your system is providing the most beautiful and cost-effective results. Our team is here to provide lifetime printer support!

Be confident that your badge printer is the right one for the job by shopping with 3iD Cards. Our experts will be able to find the right fit for your business, no matter your unique needs or budgetary restraints.

Readers and Scanners

While your ID badges can help to restrict access to certain areas of your building, they are only one half of the system. Proximity card readers, barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, signature capture devices, and USB readers all provide secure and reliable results in facilities of all complexities. Your business can benefit from simple installations, personalizable technology, and cost-effective operating demands offered by our badge systems


ID Software

With 3iD, you can take full control of the design surrounding your business’ ID badges. Our company provides the leading ID software for intuitive, simple features that can help you maximize the clarity and value of your ID cards. 3iD Cards’ professionals are here to answer all of your questions, and we can set you up with the software needed to create gift cards, customer loyalty cards, and more. 

ID Printer Supplies

Once you have acquired the ID card printer and accessories needed to create unique badges for your employees and guests, it’s important to find the right supplies to ensure you never run out. 3iD Cards provides only the best brand name consumables, included supplies for Nisca, Zebra, Magicard, Fargo, Evolis, and Datacard.

No matter your needs, we can stock you up with a full range of supplies, including:

  • Printer ribbons
  • Printheads
  • Laminates
  • Retransfer film
  • Upgrade modules
  • Software support
  • Cleaning kits

It’s essential to stock up on the right supplies for the job, which is why 3iD is here to help! Browse our printer supplies, and be sure to reach out to us if you still have questions!

Industry-Leading Support

Unlike other websites offering printable ID badges, 3iD Cards backs all of our products with the best support and guidance for businesses of all types. We can help you create the best system for your company, stocking the best products to help create high-quality badges in a manner that extends the longevity and cost effectiveness of your investment.

We employ industry experts to help find the ideal fit for every operation. You can achieve peace of mind knowing that your ID badges are backed by the best technical support and industry-leading warranties. 

Ready to Get Started?

We understand how important and diverse ID credentials can be for each customer, and we leverage more than years of industry experience to create ideal outcomes. 3iD Cards offers overseas shipping, summary reports, and serious discounts on our ID supplies to help outfit your business for success.

Ready to get started? Browse our online shop to find the right ID badges and accessories for your business, and feel free to contact us online with any questions!